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It doesn't even need to be done w/ API changes. The normal >>excludeStart() directives give us most of what we'd need there, and if you target only webkit, then you get a LOT of the mobile world for "free", including iPhone, Android, Nokia, and now Palm. WINCE and Blackberry are the only major outliers here, and it's hard to call not supporting those browsers "failing" giving how terrible they are.


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I think Eugene was referring to something like Dijit for mobile devices...or at least that was the impression I'd gotten; that would be the one thing that I could see people wanting.

Or maybe he was referring to providing a stripped down version of Base that took out all the forks and directly targets Webkit?

Perhaps that would be a major goal of a 2.0 release...
I wonder if they use Dijit or if they built their own UI toolkit. It seems like building something that is more targeted towards their phone would be the right thing.
If Dijit, I'd expect just the thinnest of base classes (_Widget, maybe _Templated). Mobile UI's are fundamentally different, and off-the-shelf desktop-inspired UI components just don't cut it. Whatever the case, I'm excited to see what they've done.


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It would be really nice to see a special edition of Dojo for mobile devices. Right now we have iPhone, I hope in not so distant future Android will be useful for web developers too, and Palm Pre looks pretty cool at least on paper. It looks like the time is right to introduce something like that.