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Comments for Chandler 1.0!

I was with you up to the point that you said, "...Plaxo’s kick-butt online features"... what are you talking about?

Plaxo is annoying. I disown people who send me Plaxo invites. Now that you have my address, don't try to add me to the

by Tom at

Have you tried Plaxo recently? Like Chandler, it got a bad rap early on but it's now one of the most useful things in my day-to-day set of tools. I've stopped worrying about syncing or backing up or even locating my contact information because of it. You really should give it another chance.


by alex at
Hey, I just started to read a book "Dreaming a Code", if I'm right than the book is about how this program being unreasonably long in development :) Neat, interesting what they managed to develop in, hmmm, 5 years :D I hope it's great!