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Comments for A Lovely Box For Your Toolkit

I actually went and read the article over on SitePen. No ShrinkSafe support yet. :( That answers my question.
Whoa, crazy. So how does the compression bit for the build work?
Nice little application. I especially like the API viewer.

A few things that it would be good to see in there, which my 0.4.x DojoBuilder - - had (by the way, "Being able to make local builds without delving to the command line ".... I made that possible a year and a half ago :-) )

  • A profile builder. This lists the files available in the Dojo directory, and allows you to select which ones to include graphically. It then writes your profile file for you. You should also be able to specify the name and location of your custom namespaces, and these should be automatically placed in your profile file.
  • A SVN client to download various versions of Dojo for you, so users don't have to have one themselves.
  • The option to use the Packer compression (I know, there's pros and cons to it, but some people like it.)
  • A preview option for a profile, showing it's compressed and uncompressed size. This would make it easier to decide just what files you want in the profile.

All in all though, this is an excellent first release.