Monthly Archives: May 2008

Zend + Dojo: More Than The Sum Of The Parts

In the past several months, more and more integrations of Dojo with server frameworks have been shipping, and we couldn’t be happier about the Zend + Dojo integration that was announced yesterday. Fundamentally the Dojo and Zend teams really “get” each other. Both are deep packages that give you an opinion about how best to […]

Blatantly Mis-Quoting Sublime

100 points to Freedom. Dojo, DWR, CometD, OpenRecord, and the newly accepted Psych Desktop project are all 100 for 100 on Dion’s scale because we’ve done the hard work of building a Foundation, ensuring the IP provenance of every checkin, built a community structure that gives everyone who’s significantly invested a real voice, and have […]