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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

Comments for Go Molly! Go!

Wow Alex. The most impressive article in your blog until now. Hopefully Microsoft (and the others) is hearing what your are saying.
If Microsoft can improve Internet Explorer by coming up with new proprietary features or by implementing standardized features that other browsers already support, you think it would be better to come up with new proprietary features? I cannot even begin to understand that in the slightest.

Look at the hundreds of proprietary features that Microsoft introduced with little-to-no documentation. Look at the hundreds of well-defined standardized features that Microsoft has yet to implement.

Which look better to you? For me at least, the standardized features look a hell of a lot better than the proprietary ones produced by Microsoft.

Browser implementors should compete at implementing standardized features, not compete at developing incompatible poorly-defined new proprietary features.