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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

Comments for Cutting Back

I don't think I can make any of those, but we'll miss you at SxSW.
by Jeremy Dunck at
Your lectures @ ISOC-IL 2007 were all great. I am so glad I was lucky to be introduced to Dojo in this first class way.

I am still for the presentations to be downloaded from the site.

I am sorry I didn't read about the beer offer before. I wish I could have a beer with you here in the bars of Tel Aviv.

keep up the good working. As a future dojo user, I hope I will contribute some back to the community.

by Tzury at

Your ISCO-IL lecture was great, and I enjoyed it very much. Oh yeah - and we plan to use Dojo in our application (Travel), so there's at least one Israeli whom you helped ;-)


Thanks for a wonderful full day presentation - it was a rare chance for us see here in Israel one of the leading web programmers/thinkers.

Personally, I was very surprised and excited when I read that Alex Russell is going to visit our small country. This 1 day tutorial was organized by the ISOC-IL (The Israel Internet Association) which is almost unknown to the average programmer/web-designer in our high-tech community. In my company only 3 (of about 20) are familiar with the ISOC-IL and only I got an email about the conference (since I was once an ISOC-IL member).

We use Dojo a lot in our application and it helped us smooth our transition out of an IE-only web app into a cross-browser one. Although I am very familiar with Dojo the presentation was very interesting and I learned a lot of new stuff.


by Ze'ev at