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Comments for Adventures In Comet and Multipart Mime

Dude, you are a freakin guru on the edge.  Awesome to see!  Thanks for the killer info, and work.  (I still owe you and Owen some Dojo-by-examples... haven't forgotten, just swamped with work before the Holiday shutdown). Thanks again and Happy Holidays!
Crap! I ran into the issue of not being able to use multipart documents a while ago (before I came out to San Francisco) - I had hoped that someone would take the time to investigate if there was a way to get around the status problem but it looks like it broken for this use case...

I had built a chat client that assumed a "ping" from the server every 10 seconds, so I knew something bad happened when I didn't get a "hello" (a slight modification to the twisted example chat server)

also another potential issue is the number of active connections you can make (I think it defaults to 2 or maybe 8) hence if your app uses multipart docs and users have multiple instances of it in tabs you might use up all your connections)

If I remember right there is both a limit per server and total

Alex, thanks I've been looking for a way to do this!

Check out: <a title="Force Apache to output any HTTP Status Code with ErrorDocument" href="">Force Apache to output any HTTP Status Code with ErrorDocument</a>

<blockquote cite="">I setup an automated system to view all 57 Apache Response codes and ErrorDocuments, saving the headers and returned content for future reference. Use this page as a reference when designing scripts that use headers. Ex: 404 Not Found, 200 OK, 304 Not-Modified, 506 Service Temporarily Unavailable, etc.

When a Status code is encountered, Apache serves the header and the ErrorDocument for the error code. So if you can see any Header and ErrorDocument by causing that error on Apache.

For instance, if you request a file that doesn’t exist, a 404 Not Found is issued and the corresponding ErrorDocument is served with the 404 Not Found Header. So we can see what Apache 404 Errors and Response Codes look like, but how do we cause errors for the 56 other Apache Response Codes?</blockquote>