Monthly Archives: December 2006

Adventures In Comet and Multipart Mime

The Dojo Bayeux client implements a bunch of different “transports” and tries to pick the right one based on what the browser can support, the cross-domain requirements, and so forth. What follows is one of those stories that makes people assume that I’m crazy to do what I do for a living. They might be right.

Belated JavaPolis Roundup

This past week I had the good luck to be invited to speak at JavaPolis and while there, even for only 2 days of the weeklong event, amazing stuff seemed to be dropping out of the sky like rain. My talk was in the first slot of the first day of training (before the official […]

The Extra Click Syndrome

I just fired up Firefox to do a bit of writing over in the project wiki, and as sometimes happens, I was presented with an extension update notification screen. The UI is mostly a farce of user control in that there’s not nearly enough information to judge whether or not going to the next version […]