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Jeff Veen is awesome. Once upon a time he was my boss when we both worked at HotWired. 

I learned many things from him, with perhaps the most important thing being the habit of trying to look at the usability of your inventions with a critical eye.  Part of this involves not taking self-criticism personally as you yourself find flaws in your own designs. 

Inside everybody there are a whole host of voices screaming for attention, and it's often altogether too convenient the little voice saying "that wicked cool thing you just built has serious usability challenges, bub."

by Patrick Corcoran at
Oh come on, surely the irony of your first paragraph isn't lost on you?  :)  
by Rus at
Hey Rus,

Yeah, I am. The stock slideshow widget works fine almost everywhere, but the new SVG background thing I'm trying with those slides broke on IE sometime in the last couple of weeks. Now that I'm not crashing to get the content done, I'll give it another look soon.


by alex at