Monthly Archives: July 2006


Update: read this first

SitePen Gets A Blog

Hot in the heels of my former employer (Jot) reviving their blog from the dumpster of disuse and market-speak crap, we’ve set up a new blog for SitePen. I’m lucky to be working with some great people on stuff we care deeply about. From DHTML UI tricks to keeping the web an open, neutral platform, […]

Getting Past “Wiki”

While i’ve been in Portland for OSCON, the world of wikis has exploded in a wash of product announcements from Jot, SocialText and MindTouch. Today I had a chance to meet the MindTouch folks on the exhibit floor of the convention, and when I saw their UI I realized right away that they grok what […]

Cross Domain Comet

Cross-domain request-response via JSONP is pretty well understood these days. Well, at least among the 10 people who care. With Cometd we’re taking it one level further.