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Comments for Rewind

Adam Howell takes a job at JotSpot and you leave the same place, all posted on the same day. Very weird.
Wow. Congrats! Take some time off. Asynchronous relaxation over cocktails on the beach.
Congrats! Looking forward to future releases of Dojo.
Congratulations! Being a little bit selfish I am overjoyed with the idea of you working on Dojo full time. ;-)

I have really small experience with Jot, but I can tell that it is a kick-ass super-wiki thingy. I hope that the upcoming advancement of Dojo will bring more apps like that.

cool. dojo is important and its nice to see it entering a period of focused development. jot is very cool, i have been watching it for some time since a former yahoo went there. so much potential, i thought this could be the next SAP...but i sometimes wonder if it is ahead of its time. et al would say i am wrong, people are ready for online business apps. we'll see.
by grumpY! at
Great news Alex! I have taken a leap of faith of sorts in choosing Dojo as my primary 'AJAX' development platform but this assures me all will be well :)
You know, you get more blog traffic if you space out the important announcements over a couple days ;)

Anyway, good work dude, it is all of our dreams to work on our cool open source project full-time and get paid for it.

Live the dream dude. ;-)
Holy crap. grumpY! said something un-grumpy.
by Jeremy Dunck at
Whoah, congratulations! I'm really looking forward to seeing Dojo fly - it can already do a pretty good long-jump. ;)
by Yoz at
Yay! Dojo fulltime - how cool is that. Congrats - I'll buy you a beer next time I see you.
Nice man, congrats. Happy to see you working full time on Dojo.
by Aaron at
This is Great (with the capital G) to see you working on Dojo full time. I was getting worried with the delayed 0.3 release, and slow progress on documentation. Looking forward to a great and easy-to-use toolkit!