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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

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You're going about it all wrong, man. To summarize your post...

Ah, brevity!.

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I know I like quality over quantity, which is one of the reasons I'm subscribed to your feed. I'd rather have a feed monitor tell me when somebody has posted that doesn't write very often, but writes well about intriguing and/or relevant things, than somebody that posts frequently about useless and/or irrelevant things.

I do read other blogs more than I blog myself, and I don't think I do it for the same reasons as most people. I just really value the idea of sharing knowledge. I'd encourage everybody I know that's doing something great with their life to share their experiences, lessons, and musings.

Go ahead and take a break from blogging, but don't stop.

I read blogs and write a blog for the surprise I get—both from other people’s words and from my own.
I tend to read blogs of people that I'm friends with mainly. I think it's a valuable tool for keeping in touch with people. It gives me a single point of contact for a large number of people that need to know things that I might not be able to let them know in a timely manner otherwise. Things like a phone number change or an address change. It's very powerful for keeping in touch. I'm not suggesting it's a substitute for conversing with people directly, but it saves a large amount of overhead. It lets about half of my conversations get past the 10 or 15 minutes of what's going on with you and the what's going on with me because we both already know that stuff. We can get to the having fun or talking about how it feels or brainstorming.
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