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Comments for What's Missing in Deer Park

I'm not sure what #2's "transparency" argument makes. It's totally anti-the DOM eventing model in that you're asking to bypass the routing model. Do you have a scenario that could help justify it?

FWIW, Avalon's routed events API follows the exact same model.

So say you click on a transparent div... as things are today, the event would bubble up to its parent, not to the thing below it in z-index, which to me isn't very useful in a language like svg which relies mostly on a positioning layout mechanism.
We discussed the #1 (Local string caching from script) on the Greasemonkey mailinglist a couple of times. Greasemonkey now supports script-specific data stores, but this feature would totally be useful more generally. Why not just use the same store as cookies, but mark these cookies as "do not send over the wire"?

A good example where event-transparency is needed is for tool tips. In native Win32 apps tool tips are transparant to mouse events. Not so in XUL.