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Comments for 10.4 and the 2-day compile

Amen! As you, I have struggled many an hour with Fink and KDE applications. I gave up. I too have better things to do with my time.

As far as Open Source applications on OSX goes, all I can say is "that dog won't hunt"!

by Dave at
I'm trying to do the same thing.

It is very stupid of the Fink guys to NOT release binaries for 'unstable' packages. Not everybody has some 1MilGHz Dual G5 or iMac Core Duo and should be expected to put up with this.

rm -rf /sw

I'll be sure to invade their mailing list later on and ask for a sane explanation as to why they expect people to wait two days just to see if something works. Can't someone at least release the binaries they compiled?

I too am picky about my mail client and KMail has been the only thing to satisfy me in the past. My 12" iBook G4 is not very Linux friendly, trackpad doesn't work properly and don't get me started on the Wireless chip.

I'm now waiting for fink to build now, I don't think the tiny 1.333GHz chip is really happy with this but I hope the end result means I can use KMail.  Otherwise I will have to look into other ways.