Monthly Archives: June 2003

Ok, this can’t be new, but damn is it funny. Anyone that has ever asked me to give a presentation will attest that I deplore powerpoint. I really hate it. I think it castrates good speakers and allows the babbling idiots to sound insightful just by cluttering a slide with an indecipherable diagram or two. […]

netWindows just got faster. CVS HEAD should show noticable performance improvements thanks to patches from Mark Anderson and some work by myself to remove un-necessaray eval() statements. Users making heavy use of inline constructors and nwAppId attributes will benefit most.

Oooh. The new blogger supports SFTP. Makes my security-conscious noggin all warm and fuzzy to see that kind of thing = )

I was going to post a long-ish rant about how HTML email (and Outlook’s particular treatment of it) is a scurge on the face of the planet yesterday, but blogger was down for an upagrade. On the downside (or upside, depending on how much you like my pontification) the post was lost. On the upside, […]