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WebKit, Mobile, and Progress

PPK posted some great new compat tables for various flavors of WebKit-based browsers the other day, editorializing that: …Acid 3 scores range from a complete fail to 100 out of 100. This is not consistency; it’s thinly veiled chaos. But I’m not convinced that the situation is nearly that bad. The data doesn’t reflect how […]


So if you’re using Windows and reading this blog, I can easily assume you’re using (or at least have installed) a Chrome Dev Channel build. Drive that bad boy over here and behold the beauty of @font-face. Awww yeah. Thanks, as always, go to Chrome’s good friends over at Apple and WebKit who are doing […]

WebKit == Mobile

With the Pre/Mojo announcement, it’s becoming clear that WebKit has mobile all sewn up. It bears listing who’s betting on WebKit and where: Apple iPhone, Safari Google Android, Chrome Nokia Series 60 browser Plam WebOS Adobe AIR web runtime From deep integration with the platform to being the platform, WebKit in various forms is how […]

The Importance Of Chrome

The rumors seem to have been true…the gBrowser is real. And it looks like it will simply be awesome. To my friends who have been toiling on it in deep secrecy for so very long, congratulations. Yes, yes, more to do, blah blah…screw that. You shipped! Huzzah! So what does Chrome mean for those of […]