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View-Source Is Good? Discuss.

I’ve been invited by Chris Messina and some kindly folks at MSFT to participate in a panel at this year’s SxSW regarding the value and/or necessity of view-source, and so with apologies to my fellow panelists, I want to get the conversation started early. First, my position: ceteris paribus, view-source was necessary (but not sufficient) […]

WebKit, Mobile, and Progress

PPK posted some great new compat tables for various flavors of WebKit-based browsers the other day, editorializing that: …Acid 3 scores range from a complete fail to 100 out of 100. This is not consistency; it’s thinly veiled chaos. But I’m not convinced that the situation is nearly that bad. The data doesn’t reflect how […]

ZF 1.8 Is Out

Congrats to the Zend Framework team on releasing ZF 1.8! This release updates the Dojo/Dijit integration and includes Dojo 1.3. Not only can you use the ZF view helpers to generate existing widgets, now you can use the view helpers to declare instances of your own components too. If you haven’t tried out ZF, it […]