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A Quick Word On Dojo and Patents

A relatively light-on-data article is up at Slashdot right now, and it casts aspersions both on the IBMers who contribute to Dojo and on the Foundation itself based on the Free Software party line that all software patents are inherently evil. I won’t address the background point regarding software patents here. I’ll only to say […]

RMS: Crazy Is As Crazy Rants

I suppose we had it too good. JavaScript hackers of the world lived in relative licensing bliss. Organizations like the Dojo Foundation built and preserved large swaths of high-quality code for anyone to build on, and even the outlier toolkits eventually came in from the cold. The open were even progressing toward even more transparent […]

Greg On Licensing

Greg Wilkins hits the nail squarely on the head: At Webtide, we sell developer advice, custom development and production support for jetty and dojo cometd. We don’t expect our clients to buy our services because of some sort of guilt trip from the value they obtain from those projects. We expect our clients to pay […]

“Why Do I need To Sign This?”

There has been much discussion in the various Dojo fora of late regarding the need (and hassle) of requiring that all contributors send in signed Contributor License Agreements. These agreements state that: Those contributing to Dojo Foundation projects actually own what they contribute and therefore have the right to license it to someone else All […]