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JavaScript UXO Removal Updated

JavaScript is a lovable language. Real closures, first class functions, incredibly dynamic behavior…it’s a joy when you know it well. Less experienced JS programmers often feel as though they’re waltzing in a minefield, though. At many steps along the path to JS enlightenment everything feels like it’s breaking down around you. The lack of block […]

A Bit of Closure

So from time to time I’d wondered what all the brilliant DHTML hackers that Google had hired were up to. Obviously, building products. Sure. But I knew these guys. They do infrastructure, not just kludges and one-off’s. You don’t build a product like Gmail and have no significant UI infrastructure to show for it. Today […]

JS 1.8 Function Expressions: The Opposite of “Good”

JavaScript is crying out for a way to write functions more tersely. I’ve added my suggestion to the debate, and was vaguely aware that Mozilla had implemented “function expressions”. It wasn’t until I saw their use in the (excellent) ProtoVis examples that I realized how stomach-churningly bad the syntax for them is. Instead of dropping […]

On JS “Lambdas”

The ES working group is hard at work on “Harmony”, the goals of which are significantly more sane than previous attempts to build a new language from JavaScript. Namely, they’re being careful to be able to express things in new syntax based on old syntax. This is referred to as “de-sugaring”. Many new bits of […]