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Real Constructors & WebIDL Last Call

For those who haven’t been following the progress of WebIDL — and really, how could you not? An IDL? For the web? I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter… — the standard is now in last call, which is W3C for “alllllllllllmost done”. Which it is not. Before I get to why, let me first […]

Half Lives

I’m headed to Austin soon for spring break SxSWi, and this year I’m lucky and grateful to be representing Chrome on the always-packed browser panel (more usable Lanyrd talk page here). The context for this year’s panel is interesting to me — a couple of years into a renewed era of browser competition, users have […]

“But IE 9 Is Just Around The Corner…”

The single most frustrating thing for me as a web developer is the incredible disconnect between day-to-day development and the shiny, shiny stuff showing up in HTML5 and modern browsers. It’s made all the more frustrating by bold pronouncements from any (every?) vendor about how much more awesome the web will be thanks to the […]


Via Dion, Palm’s new Mojo framework for the Pre is based on Dojo! As far as I know, it was a total surprise to the Dojo community (myself included). I can’t wait to get started writing apps for this thing and see what device APIs Palm has surfaced.