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Via Dion, Palm’s new Mojo framework for the Pre is based on Dojo! As far as I know, it was a total surprise to the Dojo community (myself included). I can’t wait to get started writing apps for this thing and see what device APIs Palm has surfaced.

Census 2: More Than Just A Pretty Graph

Numbers without context are lies waiting to be repeated.

Joining Google

Starting next month, I’ll be a Googler. To my great surprise, I’ve been at SitePen two and a half years. It has been nothing short of wonderful which may explain why it doesn’t feel like it has been that long. When I look back at what we’ve accomplished it’s also surprising that we’ve been able […]

delegate(), delegate(), delegate()

My MBP batteries keep dying after about a year (each). I usually have 2 that I tote around with me, and each tends to be good for 1.5-2hrs of actual work. This means that I tend not to be able to work through a cross-country flight, and particularly not if I need a VM for […]