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Bits and Peices

As things ramp up for the Comet Developer Day and the Dojo Developer Day(s), there’s been a ton of activity in Dojo-land. Here’s a selected sample: SitePen begins to offer Dojo Training to the public! Signup here. Since we employ a huge percentage of the committer base and fund significant new development on the toolkit […]

Adventures In Comet and Multipart Mime

The Dojo Bayeux client implements a bunch of different “transports” and tries to pick the right one based on what the browser can support, the cross-domain requirements, and so forth. What follows is one of those stories that makes people assume that I’m crazy to do what I do for a living. They might be right.

Cometd, Bayeux, and Why They’re Different

Ajax has been stupendously successful in capturing the imaginations of webdevs in part because of the backlog of demand for better interactivity in browser-based apps, but also because it’s stone-simple to implement. One of the biggest problems facing the adoption of Comet is that it’s, by definition, not as simple. It’s usually not possible to […]


There’s been a lot going on in the world of Comet in the past couple of months. Post-JavaOne activity from the Java side has been tremendous and I was unaware of most of it until Greg Murray and Greg Wilkins mentioned the various efforts to me.