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Comments for Election Season

Hope you get it. Would be good to make the TAG something useful.
Hi Alex,

Election fans can check out the relevant bits here:

I think all the bits you cribbed are covered there.



by Ian Jacobs at
On the question of W3C liaison with TC39, after meeting with Doug Crockford I raised the main concern as a possible TAG issue. The response was that there's already a working group and a mail list of experts working on W3C / TC39 coordination, and that the TAG shouldn't override as long as that group doesn't ask for help.

Perhaps you could reply to the thread that followed, ending in .

Thanks Ian, I wasn't aware of that page before.
by alex at
Go Alex!!Small typo...line 3 "strage". i think you meant "strange".
by Hubert B Manilla at
Fixed, Hubert, thanks.
by alex at
Best of luck!