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Comments for On The Care And Feeding of Spinning Disks

how about being only sort of honest and setting a timer when the BHO opens, and only loading it later when the disks are idle (but presumably before the user first chances upon a GCF-enabled site)?
by Dirk at
Hey Dirk, good question. It's still an open option, however it doesn't help in the really hard scenarios like the new version of Google Toolbar where we need to be up and running just as soon as the host browser is, so we didn't pursue it.
by alex at
True, I didn't mean to suggest that you would do the async load instead of the stuff you've done, just in addition (if it's useful for an additional speedup).

The other thought that occurred to me is that you might want this behavior to be configurable in an enterprise setting, where admins might have a better guess as to how frequently their users will need GCF (e.g., home page on intranet portal == GCF, take the hit at startup, home page == IE but 50% of apps are GCF, do async load, GCF used on one site, don't bother w/ the async load, etc.).

by Dirk at