Monthly Archives: November 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Seems events are overtaking even my most sarcastic musings. Too bad the Dems are doing this something like a year too late. They find their stones now? Oy.

20 Things

Big props to the team that put together the beautiful 20 Things web book. Browsers do a lot and most of it isn’t obvious. This and a more technical overview do a great job of spreading the word.

Full Frontal JavaScript 2010

I’m getting ready to get on a plane this evening to speak at Full Frontal JavaScript 2010 in Brighton. I’ve been talking about something Chrome Frame-like since before I joined the project at Google, and the reasons I’m excited about it stretch way beyond liberation from the current set of boat-anchor browsers. Indeed, I think […]

Anatomy Of A Hacker-News Story

Hello, people I identify with (implicitly calling out the other), I have a theory you might identify with, since I think it describes you and your work and I identify with it. We will be ignoring counter-factuals today to make the process easier. Also, this post contains no actual data or research. It’s merely the […]