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Robert Biggs on why the current IE9 beta underwhelms on CSS3 capabilities: IE9 is the IE6 of CSS3 There, I said it. Microsoft has been bombarding the media with claims about how much better IE9 is than all the other browsers, more HTML5 and CSS3 compliant than any other browser that ever existing and ever […]

Story Time!

Web developers tell each other stories about browsers that just aren’t true. Consider the following archetypal argments: It’s not hard to support IE because I have [ progressive enhancement | javascript libraries | css tricks ] Everyone using IE 6 should upgrade. Sheeesh! Anyone running an old browser is doing it all wrong, and how […]

Hoisted From Other People’s Comments

Humorous quote over at the hacker news thread on the previous post: by seldo: This complaint is as old as the hills. You may as well slap an obnoxious “Designed for HTML5” button on your site. The cost of having the world’s largest addressable audience of any development platform is that web developers have to […]

IE 8 is the new IE 6

Again: IE 8 is the new IE 6, following in the grand tradition of boat-anchor browsers. Who remembers NN 4.x’s endless death dirge? This isn’t about one browser or one version of one browser; it’s about rate of progress. I keep talking about the structural, economic causes that keep the web the way it is, […]