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The author and his source are, to be kind, vastly under-informed. See a partial rebuttal here:


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..."and *its* supporting compiler"...
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First thing I noticed was the Dojo-like API. Can't wait for the Dijit plug-in ;)
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Congrats to everyone involved in the creation and release of Closure!
Makes me wonder about when I'd one over the other. i don't know yet. I think Google's done a good job, but the design decisions are not too different from that of dojo's. In practice, I don't know which one is wordier, but that's hardly a consideration of picking one over the other.

I wish Closure luck, and I hope it forms health competition to dojo, but I'm not entirely convinced yet.

The compiler, though? That I'd give a serious look.

Seeing that Attila, a top notch I worked with at Oracle, contributed to Closure is definitively a good message to me ;)

Since I left Oracle, I've been using Dojo within IBM as an application developer and an internal/anonymous contributor. And it's my favorite client-side library for Web apps.

I'm not surprised about the similarities between Closure and Dojo: why would you not choose the best architecture?

A+, Dom

I am new to javascript and javascript libraries. Reading a review like this, keeps me further away from the language. Do you think the points mentioned are valid?
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