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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

Comments for Joining Google

Congratulations Alex. Good luck for the new job @ Google.
by Tim at
Congratulation Alex. All the best in your new position.
by SMD at
Congratulations, Alex, and a hearty welcome from the GWT team!
by Joel Webber at
looking forward to getting you up to the SF office once you've done your time in mountain view :)
Congrats Alex!
Hey, congratulations on the move, Alex. You're definitely in good hands, at least. Wouldn't want you working on Internet Explorer or something. Don't encourage them! And, uh, yeah, how about that Linux build? Thanks to you and yours for the amazing framework and for getting it into the right hands. I wish you the best of successes.
Congrats, Alex! Looking forward to the progress you'll be making on Chrome.
Congratuations, man!
Congratulations! I wish you all the best in your new position. They are lucky to have you!
Congratulations Alex! Google is lucky to have you.
by Vishy at
Congrats Alex! We're all really looking forward to working with you.
by Aaron at
Congrats, Alex, and keep up the good work! It was a pleasure working with you via the Zend Framework project, and I hope that the relationship continues with you at Google! Now, go fix the web, dammit!
Good stuff! You now have the shortest commute to the office of anyone I know.
Congrats, Alex,

You've been a tireless advocate of the open and rich web, and an insightful observer of what's been holding us back. That you'll have a hand in the next generation of browsers makes me happy and gives me hope.

All the best! Nate

Working on a browser is fun. I hope you have fun at Google!
Oh I get it. You waited for me to leave Google and join Mozilla and then thought:
  1. I can not join Google as Dion isn't there
  2. I need to make Chrome kick arse to destroy Firefox


In all seriousness. Congrats mate. Google is lucky to have you.



Excellent News! Looking forward to working with you.


Congrats Alex!

Josh: What Alex already said. The Linux port is being done in the open and you can check out the progress yourself. The test shell is also working on Linux and the developers are hard at work with finishing that part before they move on to the chrome of chrome and the multiprocess parts.

Congrats Alex - I mean Googler Alex!
Wow. Surprise! Good luck @ Google, Alex. Hope you can help get Chrome to us Mac users :)
by sri varadarajan at
hey Sri!

The work to get Chrome working on OS X is being done in the open:

Right now there's a "TestShell" app which fires up a single WebView without any of the Chrome-ish UI or the multi-process system. In short, it's the guts but not the things that make Chrome Chrome.


by alex at
Congrats, dude--go kick some browser ass!
Congratulations! hope that we will keep working together and that you'll help to put the browser fights to rest soon ;)
This is exciting news!
by Kevin at
I can't wait to work with you! :)

Best, Brad

Congrats, it was an honor to work with you at SitePen, and it will be great to have you working on the browser with the experience you have.
Congratulations, Alex. That's great news.
by Patrick Corcoran at
Really interesting move - I wish you luck! If you are able to contribute as much in chrome as to Dojo (in such a short time period), Chrome's future will look even more interesting.
by Joonas at
This is a 10x event, Galex! Be kind to Google, they're really nice people!

I remember when we discussed Google salaries at a DD in May, and you said that they usually got it about right with experience. So what are you going to do with all that money? :)

Cheers, PS

Welcome aboard! Another reason to visit the mothership up north...