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Comments for The Appalling State of Tech Journalism: Reflected in the Chrome

Ok, so I'm the only person who thinks 'kock out punch' is a damn funny Freudian slip. I can accept that.
CNET was the last straw for me. Ever since that ridiculous article (which shall not be named) that one of their writers wrote, I stopped reading CNET altogether.
by kourge at
Same holds for science. Articles in popular science magazines, particle physics, supernovas, and the like, are mostly written by people with not the slightest clue in physics.

Somehow, readers seem to be attracted by that.

by FFD at

Sturgeon's Law not withstanding, some sizable set of people read what ZDNet and PC World publish. Likely many many more than read the great geeky coverage from Ars or the "good for managers" overview that The Economist managed. Is it any wonder that our thinking about technology policy is so badly muddled in this country?


by alex at
Why do you fret so? Do you think I don't know the difference? You must have a low opinion of me.

Sturgeon’s Law, "Ninety percent of everything is crap".

by Rob at
George Bush got elected president. Twice. Why are you expecting more of this world than clearly it is not capable of?

Har! I nearly spit out my coffee when I read that = )

I guess it's kinda sad, though, that that's a somewhat more accurate (if somewhat sensationalized) assessment of the situation than what the dead-tree journo's were able to cobble together.

/me sighs

by alex at
You worked in the security world, right? Oh, that was a *rhetorical* question. Carry on.
by David at
But I read on TechCrunch that Chrome is a "desktop operating system" that will replace Windows...