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Comments for Roxer Goes Live!

Thanks VERY much again for the kind words, but you forgot that I also helped write a book during the last year. :) So to answer you question, I sleep, last week even! Hah.

Good comparison to wiki's. I hate them actually, but still use them for lack of a better option. Once we get domain hosting and a permissions system in place, maybe Roxer will be the next killer app in the wiki/cms segment.

We're also salivating to make Roxer into a technology platform with a web-based IDE. Where developers can access various Dojo and Roxer APIs to create their own Boxes (widgets). This will make it really take off, I can't wait!

Its awesome that everyone sees the potential in the same way. Thanks for the post!

Hey Thanks Alex, I'm glad you're having fun with it. It's been a fun project to work on. Heh, yeah, I don't sleep anymore but I distinctly remember what it felt like.

Ah, yes, - We have something functionally similar that's been limping along for awhile. I can finally put it out of it's misery and replace it. This will be very cool, and I'll be sure you let you know when it's working.

Thanks for such a great library!

Jeremiah, why do you hate wikis? Wiki markup "languages"? (Ok, I understand. Those were a birthmark, not the main idea.)

But the main benefits in my experience were to freely edit pages, freely create new pages, and easily hyperlink pages.

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