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Comments for Web-based Mind Mapping(++)

Another online mind mapping tool which supports collaboration can be found at

(although I don't think they used dojo).

Best regards Achim

by Achim at
Is that a bit like MindMeister?
Thanks for letting me discover Kayuda. I'm impressed.  :-)
by david-pérez at
Couple differences between us and mindmeister: Unlike standard mindmapping tools (which mindmeister is an excellent example of), we are also a visual wiki. This means that you can input (practically) unlimited formatted text in a node.You can name linksYou can place your nodes where you want them.I dunno, but Kayuda sounds like a better proposition to me. But, then again, as the lead dev, I'm probably a bit biased. :-)
Two more on-line mindmapping sites: and Vic
by Vic at
Hi Alex, I'm using dojo in a web-based notebook application - Dappad notebook. Perhaps you will feel interested.