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Comments for Viva La Sloth!

Maybe that's why people should consider i-Mode and CHTML more seriously... I would love to see DoCoMo allowing more operators to use i-Mode as a core business for mobile content delivery.
by Chto at
Hey Chto,

Perhaps you're not getting what I'm after. The incentive for folks to put the web on phones today has everything to do with existing content. i-Mode and CHTML get the tag soup bits right, but Moore's Law makes it pretty clear that SRTL we're gonna be able to handle regular 'ol HTML without much of a problem. Opera Mobile and S60's Reindeer already do it. Trying to instantiate a new web (and hope that some OpCo will suddenly play nice to enable it) is how we wound up in this mess in the first place.


by alex at
Yes indeed, i-mode is something which i believe is very corporate to handle. I think its better to change stance now.