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Comments for Updated DHTML Universe Map

That cluster around Dojo seems like a bit of bias, no? Prototype is extremely popular, should be trivial to find more nodes to lead into it?
by sNate at
sNate: Yes, Prototype is popular, but it's significantly less ambitious as well. Dojo has many committers because (like Yui and Kabuki), it's trying to provide *so much*. Most of the capabilities beyond plumbing tend to be provided by toolkits like Scriptaculous in the Prototype "ecosystem". However, if you know of other contributors to the Prototype project, I'd love to know who they are so we can add them.
by alex at
Great map!
We'll keep you updated when we hire more JS developers at Backbase. Because our R&D department is in Amsterdam, some of our developers are just not very well-known in the US DHTML community. I also recognize the shortage of skilled JS developers: we're now recruiting all over the world, talking to people in India, Russia, the US, etc (the Netherlands is easier on work permits than the US, luckily).

Jep @ Backbase

What is the relationship between Plumtree and WebFX? Maybe Emil knows about this?
It was my understanding that some menu or other controls were licensed for use, although I'm not clear on the details.
by alex at
You are right. Plumtree licenses some of our code. I did not remember it but I found them in our licensee db.
Re: WebFX & Plumtree.

I liked the architecture of the WebFX menuing code and didn't want to write my own. It was clean enough to use as a starting point for customizations we knew we wanted. So I talked Plumtree into licensing it.

It's still in use today in BEA's Plumtree-derived product line. Significantly refactored, initializable from XML, and now compatible with NS7.2/FF1.1, but still the same eventing core.

OK, maybe you will browser this special one: .

Event system based on ID, straight call and thread support...

by linb at