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Comments for Apple is just toying with me

Yeah, you could probably use a new laptop. I'm sure your return key has been slapped to death by now.
Aw, my heart really bleeds for you.

Kidding... hope you have fun with it and tell us about it. My buying a Macbook is some way off.

by Alper at
And theres me sitting here with my cruddy little Dell which is only 3 months old and already in need of a replacement: slow hardrive maxed out, case cracked, bios fails every other boot, etc etc!! If only I could run Visual Studio on a Mac!!! Heaven!!



by wayneoo at
You can, it's called VirtualPC :)
I'm with you... switching to a new laptop is a huge process. My MacBook is set to arrive on Friday and I've been frantically moving all of my documents from my PC into my subversion, backing up all of my Cygwin/bash scripts, trying to figure out if I can migrate my outlook calendar or if I have to do it by hand, etc... I'll be glad when the migration is behind me!
Your cocktease will turn to blueballs when you discover that in practice the laptop is nowhere near "twice as fast". Don't you think it's funny how everything Apple introduces is "the fastest thing ever"?
by Dan at
What I've missed most about my old dual-proc setup was the lack of lag when background processes start to chug. Responsiveness is more than raw CPU speed, although I do look forward to a lot more of that as well.

Initial reports seem to suggest that my biggest problem (after getting it set up) is going to be preventing it from burning a hole in my leg.