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Sounds like fun! My checkout is croaking though. The first include in init.php should be include(realpath($inc_dir.'/../config.php')); to resolve the relative path. I'm missing a templates_c directory. Boy oh boy, I want this to work! :-)
Suggestions for the project's name:

Pinketta - Boxetta - Flaxetta - Irisetta

Based on Rosetta ; and a rose, by any other name… would still be a flower ;-)

See ->

by Lionel Chollet at
A couple of us guys at Technorati had this same idea about a year ago and even got a domain. I can pony it up for the cause if ya want. Email me if you're interested.
What're the db table schema?
Let me check on that. We should have it in SVN to be sure.
by alex at
BabelZilla is such a collab l10n site, but it's specific to Moz stuff.

BabelText? (harking babelfish?)

by Jeremy Dunck at
But still, shouldn't there be a database table scheme available somewhere?
yeah, but I can't seem to hit the DB from the box that Matt was hosting the demo from. *sigh*
by alex at
I've tried to email Matt to get it, but no luck so far. Without the table scheme there's not much use in the SVN ;)
I caught matt on IM today and was able to get a dump of the DDL. It's now checked in as langp.sql.


by alex at
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This is quite clearly in need of the name "Langpad"