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Comments for Now where'd I put that reference?

Why don't you just make that "remove node idiom" a standard dojo function (like dojo.event.brower.removeCleanly(node)). I'd never remember to use the idiom, but a function I could handle...
by Dan at
Good call. I'm not sure it should really live in dojo.event.browser, but perhaps in dojo.dom or dojo.html. I'll post back when it's in.


by alex at
We encountered memory leaks in IE with a project using dojo and initially looked at dojo as suspect. Upon reasearch it seems like Dojo actually takes measures to AVOID leaks if properly used. (i.e. always using dojo.event.connect())

Dojo really needs some official documentation that lays all this kind of stuff out...

Thanks! -Carlos-

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