Monthly Archives: December 2003

I’ve started taking the train down from the city to Redwood Shores where I work, and I’m hooked. One of my biggest frustrations about living in the Bay Area is that I was burning anywhere from 2 to 3 hours a day in a car just waiting…and waiting…and waiting. Since CalTrain leaves from 4th and […]

Seems there’s a new library in town: f(m) Tom has obviously put a ton of work into this, and while we may often disagree on particulars, this looks like some interesting work. If you’re considering a library and think netWindows looks a bit too over-reaching, this might be an interesting place to start. As modern […]

It seems there is an interesting set of trade-offs relating to living in San Francisco. On the one hand, I now spend about 3 more hours a day in a car than I did when living in Madison, and on the other, when I’m not in a car life here is much more exciting and […]