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I Swear This Blog Isn’t About Elections…

…but if it were, there would be time to cover the W3C Advisory Board election. This is truly inside-baseball stuff, as most of the AB’s work happens in member-only areas of the W3C website and most of what they effect is W3C process. So why care? Because spec licensing matters, sadly. Let me first outline […]

Two Governments, Both Alike In Dignity

Disclaimer: I’m engaged to Frances Berriman, the front-end lead at the UK’s Government Digital Service. She did not approve this post. It is, however, the product of many of our discussions. You’ll understand shortly why this is relevant. It seems entirely rational to be skeptical about governments doing things well. My personal life as a […]

Layers of Confusion

I missed a Plus post by Ian Hickson back from August but I saw it today through the magic of the twitters. It contains quite a lot to quibble about, but I want to home in on something he wrote in the comments in response to Will Sargent, RE: one of my posts on layering […]

Bits and Remainders

I’ve been working on an epically-long blog post on the Offline problem for something like two months now and it’s still not done. That’s not so much to tease as warn you; Frances thinks I should post it in installments. It’s that long. Anyhow, as a result of that ever-growing design/analysis/writing hairball, I haven’t blogged […]

Please Vote

If you’re a web developer, please vote in Paul Irish’s poll on browser support. The larger the population that votes, the more we can trust the answers, and the data is critical to making sense of how we collectively think about browser support. Go now. It won’t take long, I promise.