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That Old-Skool Smell

One of the things that the various (grumpy) posts covering the recent W3C TAG / webdev meetup here in London last month brought back to mind for me was a conversation that happened in the TAG meeting about the ways that the W3C can (or can’t) facilitate discussion between webdevs, browser vendors, and “standards people”. […]

Election Season

So election season is upon us — no, not that one — elections for the W3C’s Technical Architecture Group (TAG). You might be thinking to yourself “self, I didn’t know the W3C had such a thing…how very strange…I wonder what it does.” Also, you might be wondering why I’d bother to write about a perfunctory […]

Vendor Prefixes Are A Rousing Success

tl;dr version: Henri Sivonen’s arguments against vendor prefixing for CSS properties focus on harm without considering value, which in turn has caused him to come to a non-sensical set of conclusions and recommendations. Progress is a process, and vendor prefixes have been critical in accelerating that process for CSS. For a while now I’ve been […]

Journey To The Center Of Prop 8

The proponents of Prop 8 have argued weakly. They deserve to loose.