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Click the button in the iframe, then click the login button in the popup that is created. If the popup closes, messages are flowing across domains correctly!

What Am I Looking At?

This page is meant to be loaded from this URL in IE 6 or 7 with GCF installed or with a modern browser that supports postMessage. When GCF is available on IE 6 and 7, the button hosting frame is rendered as a Chrome Frame ActiveX control instaed of a normal iframe. GCF makes postMessage and onmessage available (which iframes on IE 6/7 do not), enabling x-domain communication between cooperating domains, including with popups!

This file (host.html) loads from infrequently.org; whereas the sub-document and the popup are both loaded from textterm.com.

What about the case when the pimary page is being served from GCF too? We handle it! See this same file loaded at a URL which serves the GCF X-UA-Compatible header through an .htaccess directive here.

Note: This demo won't work in IE 6 or 7 without GCF as I haven't wire up the wormhole approach. It would work, but it'll just confuse the sample code, which I have attempted to keep clean. To prevent this page from failing, CFInstall.js prompts users on IE 6 & 7 to install GCF. I've also not enabled the GCF ActiveX control version for IE 8 and 9 which have postMessage, although it can easily work that way there too.